Friday, September 03, 2004

Gmail Update

Wakanga! I got another 6 more invites today! Sheesh! How am I supposed to dispose all of these? The people on friendster aren't interested, most of them don't even know what gmail is, most of them are related to Igno.Most of the people on my mailing list are too busy to sign up, do not have emails other than yahoo or hotmail or do not have the time to check emails or not interested at all. And to think a few months ago I was practically begging for invites so my friends could get an account.Oh well...

blog screenshot, originally uploaded by fionski.

At the bottom of this picture, you see DO YOU LOVE ME? Click on this link to add a comment. Now at the right side of this pic you see a box with my name and more small boxes underneath. Click on the first top box you click inside to put your name there. Then click inside the box that says Message to put your message, click on the smiley below if you want to put a smiley with your message. Put your email address in the 3rd box and the URL of your website or blog if you have one. Then press on the send button to send or reset to change everything. If you're hesitant to put your valid/ISP email address in this blog, just send me an email after you've posted your comment and shoutbox message. To those with gmail accounts already, there is this application that announces if you have new mail in your account. You can check your Gmail messages without opening your browser.
Daming arte! Hehehe.


Anonymous said...

luv ya! <3

fionski said...

Thanks! *blush*

Paulo said...

Of course, everyone in your circle Loves you! and so do I :-)

Its nice your doing something Positive in the net,
You have all my Best Positive thoughts, so just keep it up, okay?


fionski said...

Paul!! When are we going to meet with the other grads? I need to recharge and I need my support group.
Thanks for dropping by!

Anonymous said...

something's wrong with your homepage. the section about yourself, the links, etc. resets below your blogs instead of staying to its right or is it the way it was set up?

fionski said...

I think it's the pic I posted on my last blog entry, it could be that some people's settings sort of "cramps" everything in a small space, I'm not sure. My design seems ok to me, maybe to others it looks different. I've tried fixing the pic but I'm not sure if blog would appear normal to others.