Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Sorry Miss Kiwi Pinay

I owe Kiwi Pinay an apology. I thought the Bong she was saying was the same guy I had in mind, apparently iba pala. Now I remember who Bong is, the chinese guy. Iba nasa isip ko. Hehehe.

I was thinking of telling a story about Kiwi Pinay and my sister's group kaso tinatamad ako right now. Wala ako sa mood mag susulat. Gusto ko nga rin sana ikuwento ang mga barkada nila na nakilala ko: Amos, Jun and Noel. These guys took me and my sister to International Cangcangan, a gay bar. My first time! I would like to give the gory details of their sex stories kaso baka ako ma censor dito. Sayang, eye opener pa man din mga kuwento nila. Hahahaha!

Asan na ba prayer beads ko? Hehehe!


Cerridwen said...

the beads might be where it should be.... Jock you have it? :D *grin*

Anonymous said...

i've been to one years ago hehe. a gay friend accompanied us (me and my other girlfriends)to the bar. their stories vary. havent had the chance to talk to them because we're shocked with what we had seen. makes me wonder, what do you know that i dont know yet (about their stories):D

Mec said...

where is International Cangcangan located? and is Cangcangan a real word, even a local jargon?

my friends and i kasi use the term "kang" or "kangkangan" for the word "sex" :D

and one of my friends own WHITE BIRD... a gay bar at Roxas Blvd, Manila :D panalo the guys there... as in!