Thursday, August 03, 2006

A old definition of living at cause, of living at effect.

Got this from the Manifestation Masters yahoo group:

I found the following interesting. A old definition of living at cause, of living at effect.
"Those who can solve their problems are called wise; but nobody, however wise, can make another person wise. We cannot solve another person's problem for him. One thing, however, we can sometimes do to help another in his problem if he is seeking for help. We can reinterpret his problem for him and so give it back to him, looking different, presenting a new aspect, so that he may perhaps make more effective progress with solving it for himself."
- sandygodheart


Anonymous said...

Mr.Patrick Ocampo, most outstanding teacher award winner recently in our school said on his 'glory-day-speech': "what makes a teacher outstanding is when he/she makes his/her students outstanding."

(i just find it somewhat related to your post. hehe)

Anonymous said...

Your post is somewhat related to my entry yesterday.Ü It is not easy to sit still with someone else's plain, especially if it's someone we love. Our initial reaction would be to help this person, but you are right, we can't solve the problem for that person. But then, being there for him/her would matter a lot. When one is hurting or when one has a problem, the tiniest sign of hope is enough to give them the drive to go on...

Thanks for sharing this. Happy Thursday!ü