Tuesday, October 16, 2007

For hire: Masseur for massage and more! Part 2

Sorry guys, been busy with work lately. Nadiskaril ang aking story.

Thanks to Austin Pinoy, JC, Sidney, Liz, An, Harold, Cathycardia, Char, Basapa. I can't find Sidney's URL.

Pasensya na kayo sa grammar ko. I'm typing my store half awake. I'm really tired and sleepy but I want to add something to this before the week ends.

Going back to the story....

I told him his price is too much. I mentioned I could get a good massage for a fraction of his price. Sabi nya magaling ba sa oral sex yung masahista ko? Tadew ito!

He then said makakamura raw ako if he did the service at my place kasi nga he usually does his service to women in motels. If he "serviced" me at home, I would not have to pay for the use of a motel. He asked if I live alone, I told him I live with my parents and brother and cousins and lola and maid. Sabi niya this will not do kasi nga maraming tao.

During the course of our phone conversation, he spoke English most of the time. He had good conversation, skills mind you. He was well mannered and did not talk about sex in a sleazy manner. This is probably the reason why I got interested in what he had to say and asked him a lot of questions.

I asked him how he got to doing his service. He said that when he was younger, he had a lady boss who took him in as some sort of personal assistant. I can't remember some of the details of his boss but I remember she was kinda dominant. One day, RC and the boss had to do some over time work on a Saturday. They both got tired from all the work they did that day so decided to rest. While resting, she asked RC to massage her feet. Being the gentleman that he is, he massaged his boss' feet. I'm not sure how often this massaging-the-feet-after-work happened because eventually, the feet massaging turned into cunnilingus servicing. I think she gave him some token for her appreciating of job well done. Sasabihin ko sana a blow job well done kaso di yata tama. Hehehe. From then on, he realized how he can make extra money by giving women oral pleasure and intercourse.

Finally, he offered to give me a freebie. Sabi ko that's generous of him but the motel room is still a problem for me.

After all that story telling a churky, we finally ended the conversation. We exchanged mobile numbers and I told him I'll think about his offer.

Days later, nagkita na naman kami sa chatroom. Ang ending, nagtelebabad uli kami. As usual, he did everything to convince me to try his "wares" but I told him I'd rather not. I told him I could not possibly afford his service because I had no stable job then. Imagine, his fee plust the motel fee?? Grabe. Then he offered again a freebie. I declined. Then he said if the motel is still an issue then he said he could accomodate me right after one of his services. Yung isa raw nyang client, after their session, would usually leave at once and leave the room all to himself. He said I could go there once his client leaves. Told him still not interested. I just wanted to hear stories from him. Finally nag give up na rin si kolokoy. He said I might know someone who could be interested in his services, refer ko na lang daw sya. I said, "Surely!" End of phone conversation.

After the conversation, I remembered this friend of mine who is really adventurous. Let's call her Terry. Terry has a no non-sense approach to sex, she wants pleasure. I told her about RC and she got curious. I gave her RC's number and she said she will talk to him first and then see what will happen next.

A week had passed, Terry said she spoke with him. She made a comment about what he said na he just loves giving oral pleasure to women and getting paid is just an extra, baka raw front lang nya yon at baka sholbam sya talaga. Sabi ko I have no idea. RC confirmed to me that he and Terry had spoken and he thanked me for the referral. I said he was welcome.

Another week had passed, no word from either.

After 1 week more, I got a text message from Terry. She asked me to call her.

May nangyari kaya?



An said...

hahaha.. kung may story blog of the year, i-nominate kita.. lakas mong mambitin ah.. hehehe...

i came across the same kind sa IRC... kaso one time nabasa ko sa isang forum na na-raid ang kanilang "clinic" eh.. hehehe. front pala yun..

Nick Ballesteros said...

ummm... Ate Fionski, ano yung sholbam?

Austin Pinoy said...

ako din na curious.. ano ang sholbam? Paano kung wangit at bantot babae, ano technique nya sa pag tanggi?

fionski said...

Thanks for dropping by Nick, Austin Pinoy and An. Sholbam is gay speak for lalaking futa. At least yan ang alam ko.

Nick Ballesteros said...

aaaahhhh... ok. hehe

grifter said...

cliffhanger endings are cool!

BURAOT said...

cute ng story. no choice reader kundi maghintay ng kasunod. ;)

Anonymous said...

sholbam... time for a career change.


Char said...

Hahaha. Just read this ate fions! panalo sa cliffhangers! :D

"Sasabihin ko sana a blow job well done kaso di yata tama. Hehehe. '


Anonymous said...

LOL! Aabangan na lang talaga! Me bago na naman akong gay term na natutunan :)

pearljem said...

hay ang tagal ng kasunod...hehehe! nakakaintriga!

Anonymous said...

waiting, waiting, waiting.

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fionski said...

Hello Samuel Ezekiel. Thanks for dropping by my blog and posting a comment.
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