Tuesday, March 23, 2010

France debates the return of brothels

French Members of Parliament are considering allowing brothels back to France 60 years after they were banned.
Chantal Brunel, a political ally of President Nicolas Sarkozy, says it should be made legal for women to sell sex on licensed premises, and pay tax on their earnings.
She believes that by legalizing prostitution, women would be free from exploitation by pimps and criminal gangs. Commercial sex workers would have taxable income and they wouldn't have to hand over their money to pimps.

Bordellos are legal in other European countries like Germany, Holland and Switzerland.

I doubt it if this would ever happen in the Philippines.


Heff said...

What are your thoughts/position re this matter?

fionski said...

Prostitution isn't good but there is no way anyone can eradicate this proverbial "oldest profession" ekek. If this is the case then why not legalize it? Commercial sex is an industry in itself. Workers should also pay their taxes. Workers should also have Philhealth. I feel the government can monitor this industry if it is legalized. The government would know who has HIV/AIDS or other serious diseases, who are real workers, who are criminals pretending to be workers, etc.

I could be wrong but this is how I see this situation.

mcluvin said...

i guess i'm scared it'd set bad precedent for all the other illegal activities out there. drugs, organ trafficking, etc.

then again, apples and oranges, right?

What's New? said...

You should write a separate article detailing your thoughts on brothels and prostitution. Your reply tells me that there's more to it than what you wrote on the limited space above.

fionski said...

I wish I could just write what I have in mind but people might just get bored. Hehehe.